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About Carlos a.k.a. Carlota

I moved here (reluctantly) with my husband 5 years ago from NYC, and now love this city. We arrived with two bulldog fur babies, and quickly became involved with Austin Bulldog Rescue and have since fostered, and foster failed several times.

We currently have four fur babies, Rio, Ace (English Bulldogs), Rocket (Frenchie) and Chanel (Pomeranian). We rescued Ace and Rocket, both of whom are incontinent and wear diapers 24/7, which means we had to become good at bathing them. I decided to get more formal training on how bathe our dogs, and from there it wasn’t a big jump to set up Wash That Fur. I’m looking forward being in business with my best friend and bringing our experience to your home and your fur babies.

About Kassio

Austin has been my home since leaving Brazil and Carlota has been one of my closest friends since right after he moved here. We have known since early on that we wanted to go into business together, but it was finding the right opportunity for Austin, and something we are both passionate about.

When we came up with the idea of mobile dog bathing, we knew instantly it was the right venture, and have spent the last year training, setting up the business, and ultimately investing in a brand-new custom trailer. Being a fur parent myself has made me realize that we’re able to fill a really important gap in one of Texas’s most dog friendly cities, by bringing the highest level of fur baby pampering to as many homes as want it.

The Best Late Policy

We know life happens, so we don't charge if you need to reschedule, as long as you let us know before we arrive at your property. We would however appreciate at least 24 hours notice, as we're a new business and filling empty slots at short notice is hard. We will respect you in the same way, by letting you know at least 24 hours in advance if we need to reschedule. We will always do our best to be on time, and notify you if we're running late.

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